Hubolt watch creator Carlo Crocco was born in Italy to a family of watchmakers. He designed his first watch in 1967 and established his own company in 1980. It was in that same year that the company designed the legendary Hublot watch encased in solid gold, featuring the first black, natural rubber strap.  Crocco designed the watch on the basis of simplistic design. The style was inspired by a porthole (“hublot” in French) with 12 titanium screws marking the hours and anchoring the bezel to the case. He wanted to develop an innovatively durable timepiece and explored several materials for the strap before deciding on black rubber. It provided an elegant look while providing the rugged durability he was seeking. The renowned watch went on to win “Sensation of the Year” at the 1980 Basel Fair.


The Hublot Legacy

Since launching their revolutionary watch, Hublot has continued to make its mark on the horological world.  They have expanded their collection to include not only their original model, but many others as well.  In 2004, founder Carlo Crocco decided to step down as the leader of Hublot watches.  He sought out Jean-Calude Biver, a talented watchmaker who was hand-picked by Crocco to succeed him.  Biver had spent most of his childhood in Switzerland, the hub of the watchmaking industry.  As a result, he picked up the art of watchmaking and joined Audemars Piguet in 1975.  Six years later, along with Jacques Piguet, he bought the Blancpain brand.  He assumed his place at the head of Hublot watches in May of 2004.  

The Hublot Collection

There are several fine Hublot watch lines that are a part of the company’s collection.  One popular model is Hublot’s Classic watch line, which was first launched in 1980.  Though the Classic watch has been updated since that time, the spirit of the timepiece remains intact.  Classic models are available in four different sizes, with self-winding automatic or quartz movement.  The most updated version of the Classic model was released in 2005 and featured an updated strap and slight tweaks to the dial.  One of the most recent additions to the Hublot watch collection is the Big Bang line, which is part of Hublot’s newly launched Fusion concept.  This concept centers on an integration of unusual materials (ceramic rose gold, rubber, etc.) to create a unique timepiece.  The Big Bang line is also the first group of watches from Hublot to feature lateral recognition.  Hublot also offers a number of novelty watches, including the Mag Bang, Ayrton Senna, Cappuccino, Big Bang King, Tourbillon, Mat Serie, Madre Perla, Monaco Yacht Club, Polo Club St. Tropez, Luna Rossa, One Million Big Bang, and Yankee Victor Big Bang.  Many of these specially crafted Hublot watches are variations of some of the staple lines, but have unique features that separate them from the rest of the models in the collection.  

Hublot at Wingate’s

Wingate’s is proud to offer a selection of distinguished Hubolt watches for men and women including: Big Bang, Classic and Elegant.