The tradition of Ulysse Nardin watches began in 1846.  Ulysse Nardin established his company in 1846 and throughout the course of 150 years of watchmaking, the company has been widely respected as a specialist in marine chronometers. Nardin was first trained in horology by his father, Leonard-Frederic Nardin. He later perfected his skills under the supervision of master watchmakers Frederic William Dubois and Louis JeanRichard-dit-Bressel.  Ulysse Nardin marine chronometer watches are among the most reliable and accurate ever made and are still sought by collectors around the world. The company has commissioned accurate timepieces for the navies of nearly 50 different countries.  In 1862, Nardin was awarded the prestigious Prize Medal in the category of complicated watches, pocket chronometers at the London International Exhibition. In 1876, Nardin died suddenly and his young son, Paul-David Nardin, took over the watch company.

The Ulysse Nardin Legacy

In the 1980s, the company revived the craft of cloisonné watches when the art was thought to be extinct. In 1996, the company released the 1846 Chronometer to commemorate its 150th anniversary. This release was followed by the release of other noteworthy watches including the Freak and the Sonata.  Ulysse Nardin prides itself on its reputation for quality and mechanical innovation. The company has been recognized with accolades from around the world including 18 international gold medals and 4,300 first prizes in chronometric excellence. 

The Ulysse Nardin Collection

The heart and soul of the Ulysse Nardine line is the prestigious Marine series including the Maxi Marine, the Marine Annual Chronograph and the Marine Chronometer 1846.  The company also offers a number of additional collections that have become popular throughout the watchmaking community.  The Ulysse Nardin Complication Watch Collection is the most technologically advanced line that the company offers.  Many of the watches in this collection were designed by Ludwig Oeschlin and models include the Heart, the Royal Blue Tourbillon, and the Circus Minute Repeater.  Ulysse Nardin also features a line of Perpetual Calendar watches, which has the “quick setting” technology and an oversized date display.  Other collections in the Ulysse Nardin line of watches include the Michelangelo, the San Marco, the Kremlin Set, GMT Big Date, and a series of watches designed specifically for women.  

Ulysse Nardin at Wingate’s

Wingate’s is proud to offer a selection of high quality Ulysse Nardin watches for men including: Berlin II, Freak, Marine, Michelangelo and Sonata.