The Concord watch company was founded in 1908 in Switzerland, which is generally considered to be the hub of the world’s watchmaking industry.  In 1915, the company launched its “Private Label” line of watches, which was a luxury series that utilized precious jewels.  The company quickly established itself as one of the top watch manufacturers of the age.  In fact, in 1945, President Truman presented Concord watches to Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin.  

The Concord Legacy

Concord continued its tradition of excellence and innovation throughout the 20th century.  In 1945, the company launched a line of wristwatches made out of coins.  They were the first watch company to do so.  In 1979, Concord launched the Delirium I line, which was the flattest analog watch that had been created up to that point.  This introduction sparked a trend of luxury elegant watches that spread across the watchmaking industry.  Concord followed up this launch in 1980 with the Delirium II, a flat and elegant watch that was designed specifically for women.  In 1986, Concord launched the Saratoga line, which was later revamped and released because of its immense popularity.  Another significant milestone occurred for Concord in 1991, when they launched the Sirius watch, a luxury timepiece that contained 295 diamonds placed around the band and the dial.  

The Concord Collections

There are two main collections that Concord currently offers.  The first is the C1 Chronograph line of watches.  There are several different models available, including the popular 18K Rose Gold Chronograph, which features 53 different elements and offers a 48 hour power reserve movement.  IN addition, the Rose Gold Chronograph is certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute and has a three-layer dial that displays a date indicator.  This particular Chronograph model also features a black rubber strap and is water resistant.  Concord also offers a Stainless Steel Chronograph, which is similar in design to the 18K Rose Gold model.  However, the case is stainless steel instead of gold.  Many of the other features are the same, including the existence of 53 elements and the capacity for a 48 hour power reserve.  There are also several variations of the Stainless Steel Chronograph, which differ mainly in terms of color scheme.

Concord also offers the Big Date Collection, which comes in a stainless steel case and is also certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.  The models that are featured in the Big Date series include a 44 hour power reserve and a large date window (at 12 o’clock) that is displayed on the dial.  This particular watch model also features self-winding mechanical movement, a 44 mm case, and a 3.3 mm sapphire crystal.  There are Big Date models that are available in stainless steel and black leather.