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German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf and his business partner, Alfred Davis, founded Rolex in 1908 at the ripe age of 24-years-old. Hans, being a determined perfectionist, worked to enhance the accuracy of movement within tiny clock dials that could be worn on the wrist, a science that had never been done before. Wilsdorfs’ thirst for innovation gave way to the wristwatch, a more efficient and stylish way of telling time. As the pocket watch retired, Hans’ invention paved the way for a timeless symbol of quality, class, and style.


The Rolex Legacy


Back in Wilsdorf’s time, watches could not withstand elements like dust and moisture. Wilsdorf progressively engineered the watch to solve this problem. Once he conquered this, he went on to improve accuracy and reliably even more. In fact, the world’s first waterproof watch – The “Oyster” – was designed by Wilsdorf. Again and again, the Rolex brand has proved itself to be a wristwatch that is trusted as the best wristwatch on the market, and over the past century, the Rolex name has remained unrivaled due to its reliability and durability.



Rolex at Wingate’s


At Wingate’s Quality Watches, we are proud to supply real, yet cheap women’s Rolex watches. We never sacrifice quality, so each Rolex is inspected for authenticity and is measured against the highest standards. Wingate’s offers a wide selection of a never worn Rolex timepieces, and an extensive selection of  used ladies Rolex for sale. Symbolizing class and status, Rolex wristwatches are worn by the societal elite including celebrities, executive business progressions, and even royalty. If you are looking for cheap women’s Rolex watches, you will find the best collection of never worn to lightly used ladies Rolex for sale at Wingate’s.


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