For more than 170 years, Baume & Mercier has used elegance and innovation to create high quality timepieces.  Baume & Mercier watches date back to 1830, when the Swiss watchmaking company was founded by the Baume family.  In the early 1830s, the Baume family founded the Societe Baume Feres in the Switzerland, which served as an expansion to their already thriving watchmaking endeavors.  The company first specialized in creating luxury pocket watches, though the company has expanded their horizons significantly since that time.  The company was taken international in 1844, when Joseph Celestin Baume went to England and set up deals that would distribute the watches there.  In the years that followed, the Baume watches were known for their precision and mechanical advancements.  In 1893, a Baume timepiece won the 1893 timing competition at the Kew-Teddington Observatory.  It wasn’t until 1918 that Baume formally partnered with jeweler and watchmaker Paul Mercier.  This partnership resulted in the collaboration that has produced the luxury Baume & Mercier watch line ever since.  The line has enjoyed continued success throughout the course of the last hundred years.   


The Baume & Mercier Legacy

Though the founders of Baume & Mercier have long since left the business, the legacy of Baume & Mercier watches lives on.  After World War II, Baume and Mercier began to focus specifically on men’s watches, sports chronographs, and jewelry watches for women.  In the 1950s and 1960s, the company launched several outstanding watches including the Marquise and the 12-sided

Riviera which both became worldwide successes. In 1988, Baume & Mercier became part of PBM International, controlled by Cartier and in 1994, they introduced their most well-known model - the Hampton.  In 2004, the company opened a new production building in Les Brenets, Switzerland.  Currently, 200,000 Baume & Mercier watches are distributed in 75 countries around the world. 


The Baume & Mercier Collection

The Hampton is one of the premier Baume & Mercier watches on the market today.  It is considered to be the iconic product of the collection.  It is named after the Hampton’s, the renowned getaway that is situated on Long Island.  Another important Baume & Mercier watch is the Riviera, which was designed in 1973.  With this particular model, the company took watchmaking to a new level, thanks to the equipping of the Riviera with a dodecagonal case.  It boasts a contemporary design that is both innovative and unique.  There are also several Baume & Mercier watches that are designed specifically for modern women.  Among these are the Diamant, which is a luxurious watch with a square case.  In addition, the watch’s oval crown is set with one off center diamond, which has become the Diamant’s signature trait.  Other popular models include the Classima Executives, the William Baume, the Capeland, and the Linea.


Baume & Mercier at Wingate’s

Wingate’s offers several Baume & Mercier watch models for both men and women.  This includes the Hampton Classic Square, the iconic and original Hampton model, Classica Executives, and the Capeland. 


Aesthetics and technical superiority

Baume & Mercier has achieved the perfect balance between aesthetics and technical superiority. On the technical side, a Baume & Mercier watch is produced to the highest standards. The precision watch making process is all carried out by hand skilled craftsmen in a climate-controlled environment to avoid any incidence of dust or humidity. The environment is so scrupulously controlled that workers must enter through an airlock, wearing anti-static overalls. After each Baume & Mercier watch has been fully completed by hand, it goes on to quality control for a series of rigorous checks and balances.

The creative team that creates Baume & Mercier watches is truly inspired. These artists work closely with the technical team to make their creative visions a reality. 

A new standard in fashion


Baume & Mercier has come to be recognized as the premier trend-setter in Swiss watch-making. Newer styles reflect wonderful design innovations as well as names that are reminiscent of some of the most stylish resorts, such as the Riviera, and the landmark Baume & Mercier Hampton design, which ushered in a new look for both men and women. 


The classic lines of the Riviera present an elegant timepiece, available in both a classic and sports design. The sports watch features both a chronograph and tachymeter. The story behind the unusual and legendary Baume & Mercier men’s watch adds to its reputation. During the LeMans automobile race, it was actually strapped to the wheel of a race car for the duration of the race and came out unscathed and still as precise as when it was brand new.  

The Baume & Mercier Hampton reflects the ambiance of the Long Island resort town and well-known getaway. Coming in three styles, it exudes a sense of relaxation and tradition, starting with the Classic model with a beautiful opaline silvered dial. The Baume & Mercier Hampton Milleis features a sleek rectangular design with elegant blued steel hands, and the full-featured Hampton Square includes a chronograph, and a strap in black vulcanized rubber to give it a very sporty appearance. The Hampton Milleis and Classic offer a refined strap in alligator.

Feminine designs for women


A Baume & Mercier watch makes a perfect gift for a woman, or even a perfect opportunity for a successful woman to treat herself to a fine timepiece. The Ilea design is the ultimate in femininity with a beautiful round format, mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-edged case. The elegance of the Diamont line offers several options making this one an ideal Baume & Mercier watch for formal occasions. The bracelet is available in yellow gold, finished steel or light brown calfskin for every occasion.

The design team can take up to four years on a single design, taking great effort to ensure that the bracelet matches seamlessly with the watch itself, and that the watch feels comfortable to the wearer. The classically-trained design team starts with hand sketches, which are then rendered into computer drawings and then into wax models for final design analysis. The design of both men’s and women’s Baume & Mercier watches are meant to convey both style and comfort, a rare combination that Baume & Mercier achieves in every offering.