Founded in 1908 by German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf, the Rolex watch was the first wristwatch that perfected the tiny, accurate movements within a miniature clock dial (i.e., a wristwatch). Rather than carrying around bulky and inefficient pocket watches, Wilsdorf’s perfectionism and innovation served as the catalyst to universally identifying smaller, sleeker wristwatches as a timeless fashion statement. Because of this inspired history, the Rolex is now recognized around the world as a token of significant status.

The Rolex Legacy

Although Hans Wilsdorf made a historical breakthrough with the creation of the wristwatch, he did not stop there. Running with the theme of innovation, Wilsdorf devoted himself to developing a watch that was accurate, reliable, and durable. He revolutionized the watch industry by engineering the wristwatch to withstand dust moister. Before long, the first waterproof watch was born: the Rolex Oyster. The Oyster received its name as a result of advertising efforts, which included displaying the watch submerged in display window aquariums. Needless to say, the Rolex is in want by the public because of its rich history of innovation, its durability and reliability, and its luxurious and stylish design.

Rolex at Wingate’s

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