The Hamilton Watch Company has been producing quality timepieces since 1892.  Though the company has evolved through the years, it has remained a renowned manufacturer of watches.  In 1892, the Keystone Standard Watch Company declared bankruptcy and was sold to a group from Pennsylvania.  It was during this time that the company was acquired and named after James Hamilton.  The very first Hamilton watch was an 18-size, 17-jewel pocket watch (which was first launched in 1893).  The Hamilton Watch Company went on to introduce its first full series of watches, known as The Broadway Limited series.  Hamilton’s very first wristwatch was rolled out in 1917 and was created specifically for men who were entering World War I.  However, the watch used a very small movement that was previously used for women’s watches.  Other early Hamilton watches included the Oval, the Tonneau, the Rectangular, the Square Enamel, and the Coronado.  


The Hamilton Legacy


The Hamilton Watch Company continued its tradition of excellence throughout the 20th century, despite the fact that ownership of the company switched hands several times.  In 1966, the Buren Watch Company assumed ownership of the Hamilton Watch Company.  This joint venture resulted in the creation of the Hamilton/Buren Microtor, which was among the first wristwatch movements to be without the heavy external oscillating weight that was typical of most other watches of the day.  For the first part of its history, the Hamilton Watch Company manufactured at least some of its timepieces in the United States.  However, in 1969, the company moved the remainder of its manufacturing operations to Switzerland.  In the late 1990s, the Hamilton Watch Company was bought by The Swatch Group, who currently retain ownership of the brand.  Under the guidance of The Swatch Group, the Hamilton Watch Company produced several extremely popular models.  Many models have actually been used in several films, including Men In Black, Lethal Weapon, Into the Blue, Fantastic Four, and The Pink Panther.  


The Hamilton Collections


There are two main collections of Hamilton watches – the American Classic Collection and the Khaki Collection.  Each collection features a series of several models.  One of the most popular of the American Classic Collection is the Jazzmaster, which features several models that offer something for both men and women.  The Jazzmaster series features the Lady, the Lady Automatic, the Gent, Power Reserve, Chrono Auto, Maestro, Square, Square Lady, Viewmatic, and the Petite Seconde.  The American Classic Collection also features the Ventura model, which is a unique Hamilton watch that features a triangular dial.  Another series of watches within the American Classic Collection is the Brooke line, which features the XS, XL, and Vintage models.  The American Classic Collection also features the Lady Hamilton line, a special series of watches designed particularly for women.  Other lines in the American Classic Collection include the Lloyd and the Vintage Ardmore.  


The Hamilton Watch Company also offers the Khaki Collection, which is generally a more casual line.  It features several series of timepieces, including the Aviation series, the Navy series, and the Field series.  Each one offers several unique models.  For example, the Navy series features the Navy Regatta, the Navy GMT, and the Navy 


Hamilton at Wingate’s


Wingate’s is proud to offer several Hamilton watch models from the Hamilton Watch Company collections, including the Railway Special, the Ventura, and Model 945.