Bertolucci watches are known worldwide for their luxury and style.  The story of how the Bertolucci watch company came into existence begins in the early 1960s with Remo Bertolucci.  Bertolucci, who was an engineer specializing in micro-mechanics, hailed from the Pisa region.  In 1965, he met a Swiss woman who was vacationing with her parents near his home.  They fell in love and she convinced him to come with her to Switzerland.  There, both individuals decided to join the young woman’s family watchmaking business.  Bertolucci became enamored with the profession and continued to move up in the company.  He continued to hone his skills until 1987, when Bertolucci decided to leave the company and create his own, which became the brand known as Bertolucci.  Remo Bertolucci then took the experiences from his childhood and used them as the inspiration for a high end, luxury line of watches.  Bertolucci was taken over in 2005 by the Dickson Group and continues to enjoy success today.  Though Bertolucci is a Swiss brand, its watches also have an Italian feel to them, thanks to the childhood of Remo Bertolucci. 


The Bertolucci Collection


There are several lines of luxury Bertolucci watches.  The first of these is Doppia, which is a uniquely constructed piece that was inspired by the Dolce Vita.  This particular Bertolucci watch boasts a large pebble at its center that is carved in two parts of steel and sapphire.  The steel and sapphire are exact replicas of each other, which creates a unique “hall of mirrors” phenomenon. 


There are three separate types of Serena lines, each offering the consumer a unique look.  The original Serena Bertolucci watch is designed with women in mind.  It is a primarily oval shaped piece that is simple, yet very elegant.  These factors have combined to make it one of the most luxurious Bertolucci women’s watches available.  Derived from the original Serena, the Serena Garbo for women is a step further in terms of luxury and elegance.  This particular Bertolucci watch was introduced in 2006.  It offers women a more contemporary design and has more of a circular face.  Also in 2006, Bertolucci added the Serena Garbo for men watch model.  The goal of this particular design is to create a classic look for men, one that is smooth and masculine.  It retains much of the same circular design as the Serena Garbo for women, but offers men the option of a stainless steel or leather band.    



Another Bertolucci watch line that is designed specifically with women in mind is the Voglia, which is more sleek and narrow than the Serena line.  The face itself is rectangular and the straps are made out of stainless steel, leather, or satin.  While the colors and design of the Serena lines are more colorful and vibrant, the Voglia is designed to be elegant and sleek.  The Stella line was inspired by Remo Bertolucci’s love of the Mediterranean Sea.  As a result, this particular Bertolucci watch is designed to be vibrant and unique.  Bertolluci also offers the Ouni line, which is another colorful and attention grabbing line.  In addition, Bertolucci offers the Vir line, which is a classy and luxurious line of watches.


Bertolucci at Wingate’s


Wingate’s is proud to offer the watches from the Bertolucci collection, including the always classic Vir.