The tradition of Franck Muller watches was born in 1958, when Muller was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds to an Italian mother.  He enrolled in watchmaking school in 1981 and graduated after four years of study.  Upon graduation, he began working to repair various timepieces for his clients.  He became fascinated with the mechanisms involved in complicated watches, which prompted him to open his own workshop.  His clients, who were primarily individuals or from museums, purchased timepieces directly from him and he built a business from it.  In 1984, Muller designed his very first tourbillon wristwatch, which was recognized for its mechanical complications.  Clients soon began to flock to obtain one of the Franck Muller watches.


In 1992, he opened the House of Franck Muller for professional production of his collections and has since become popular in Europe and United States for the creative complexity of each piece. In this same year, one of Franck Muller’s watches became hailed as the “most complicated wristwatch in the world,” which included Grande and Petite Sonnerie, a minute repeater for hours, quarters and minutes, a perpetual calendar through the year 2100, a moon-phase indicator, and an internal temperature indicator.


The Franck Muller Legacy


One of the most unique aspects of Franck Muller’s watch line is the annual appearance of “world premieres.”  Every year, the company launches a line of timepieces that is exclusive to the watchmaking community.  The first “world premiere” Franck Muller watch was introduced in 1993.  The 1993 Franck Muller watch had split seconds chronograph minute repeater and a perpetual calendar.  The tradition has continued ever since.  Today, Franck Muller watches are known as some of the most exclusive and luxurious on the market.  The company releases a limited number of Franck Muller watches each year, which means that they are very exclusive.  Headquartered by Lake Geneva, the company continues to be run under Muller’s personal creative direction, and each year, he creates a new collection featuring unique attributes based on design, style and complexity.  The Franck Muller Curvex Tonneau case style is one of many reasons these timepieces are so well-known and easily recognizable.


The Franck Muller Collection


Franck Muller offers a number of different watch collections.  The company still features the Tourbillon watch, which has been modified over the years, but still retains the complication and mechanical precision associated with Franck Muller’s very first Tourbillon watch.  Another classic line of Franck Muller watches is the Chronograph Collection, which features Muller’s twist on the classic chronograph technology (which was first used in 1860).  Other lines of Franck Muller watches include the Colour Dreams Collection, the Casablance Line, the Conquistador Line, the Jewelry Line, the Long Island Line, the Master Banker, and the Master Square.  



Frank Muller at Wingate’s


Wingate’s is proud to offer a selection of unique Franck Muller watches for men and women including several varieties of: Casablanca, Cortez, Havana, Mystery, Perpetual Calendar and Vegas.