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Patek Philippe - Twenty-4

Where many of the most iconic luxury watches have histories dating back decades (or even a century), the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 is relatively new. First introduced in 1999, the Twenty-4 was designed with the “young, active modern woman in mind.” The sleek, gorgeous design was planned with versatility in mind. Patek Philippe wanted a watch that women could wear all the time, from business functions to elegant evening outings, all the way to casual everyday activities. The result is a watch that pairs comfort, luxurious elegance, and timeless timepiece craft into a single stunning product.

The Patek-Philippe Twenty-4 History

Given its relatively recent arrival to the timepiece market, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 does not have as much history as many of the watches we have discussed previously. As mentioned previously, they introduced the watch in 1999, with a reference 4910/10A serving as the inaugural model. The 4910/10A was constructed from stainless steel, making it the first steel watch Patek Philippe had ever made for the ladies market. The design was topped off with a rectangular diamond case and a diamond dial.

Over the years, the Twenty-4 has evolved and diversified. Though the watch was originally available exclusively with a stainless-steel design, it can be purchased today in 18k rose gold and white gold incarnations. Patek Philippe also makes versions of the watch with satin straps in place of the metal bracelet. 

The Patek-Philippe Twenty-4 Design

The 4910/10A established all the design hallmarks of the Twenty-4, most of which are still being followed to this day. The rectangular case is set with 36 individual diamonds, with 18 stones on each side of the dial. The case has a slightly curved contour, to fit more comfortably on the wrist (and to achieve Patek Phillippe’s goal of creating a watch that could be worn continuously). 

The dial itself features ten diamond hour markers, along with two Roman numeral markers, at the 12:00 and 6:00 hours. The numerals on the reference 4910/10A model were crafted from white gold, adding to the prestige factor of the design.

The other crucial design element established early on was the presence of only two watch hands. Unlike many other timepieces, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 reference 4910/10A does not feature a second hand. Instead, each watch has one minute hand and one hour hand. This characteristic lends extra simplicity to the watch design and brings out the beauty of the diamond-set face.

Other features of the 4910/10A Twenty-4 watch included high-quality quartz movements and water resistance to 30 feet. 

The reference 4910/10A was so popular after the 1999 release that Patek Philippe re-released it in 2004. The 2004 version was virtually identical to the inaugural 1999 release and retained the same reference model.

To this day, if you shop for a Twenty-4 watch—whether on the Patek Philippe website or somewhere else—you will find that most models still bear variations of the 4910/10A reference number. In fact, all stainless-steel versions of the watch are still following the traditions set forth by the inaugural design in 1999. The only differences in these watches tend to come from the color of the dial. Patek Philippe has crafted Twenty-4 models with black, gray, white, chocolate, and blue-colored dials.

The rose gold models boast a slightly different reference number (4910/11R), while the watches with satin straps have references of 4920R. Still, all these watches retain the most recognizable hallmarks of the original Twenty-4 release, including the rectangular diamond-set case, the diamond hour markers, and the large Roman numerals at the top and bottom of the dial.

Today, prices for the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 range from around $12,000 for the base model to approximately $42,000 for the top rose gold models.

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