Compared to many of the powerhouse watch companies in business today, Daniel Roth has been a presence in the industry for a relatively short amount of time.  However, that hasn’t stopped the company from quickly establishing a name for itself in the world of luxury timepieces.  Currently, the company creates and manufactures quality Daniel Roth watches that are now in demand around the globe.  The Daniel Roth company was launched in 1989 near Lac de Jous, in Switzerland.  This means that from the very first days of the company, Daniel Roth has been a part of the great watchmaking tradition that Switzerland is known for.  Daniel Roth watches were first manufactured in Le Sentier (a small village near the Lac de Joux).  

The Daniel Roth Legacy

In the past two decades, Daniel Roth has become a symbol of luxury and style.  The company has utilized the influence of the nearby Swiss watch industry to help refine its style.  In 1992, the Daniel Roth released its Grandes Complications timepieces.  Only six years later, in 1998, the company launched its Minute Repeater.  In 1999, Daniel Roth created its Vantage watch line, which enjoyed huge success and remains popular today.  In 2002, the company continued its innovation and released the Tourbillon 8-Day.  At the beginning of the 21st century (in 2000), Daniel Roth was purchased by the Bulgari Group.  However, the Daniel Roth legacy remained intact and the company continues to produce quality watches today.  They are also known around the world to have been involved in the inventions of several important technologies, including the double-sided tourbillon, the retrograde hands, the successive indication of 24 time zones in digital form, and the tourbillon with a 200-hour power reserve.    

The Daniel Roth Collection

Currently, Daniel Roth offers two watch collections – Masters and Academie.  The Masters Collection is a sophisticated, technologically advanced series of watches.  Included in the Masters Collection is the Tourbillon series of watches, which all feature movements that are crafted and engraved by hand.  Daniel Roth offers several Tourbillon watches, including the Tourbillon Lumiere, the Tourbillon Retrograde Date, and the Tourbillon 8-Day.  Daniel Roth’s Academie Collection is designed to be both vintage and sleek.  Though its base design is classic and timeless, the movements that are inserted into each watch is state of the art.  Models in the Academie line include the Chronograph Vintage, the Ellipsocurvex, and the Athys.  

Daniel Roth at Wingate’s

Wingate’s is proud to offer several luxury Daniel Roth watch models, including the popular Le Sentier timepiece.