Bedat & Co. Geneve watches, though relatively new, have quickly made a name for themselves for their luxury and precision.  The brand was founded on October 8, 1996 by Simone Bedat and her son, Christian Bedat.  Simone Bedat was born in 1931 in Lugnez, which is near Porrentruy.  When she was only 15, she began work as an apprentice with the Lang SA watch-case manufacturing company.  She worked with Lang SA for ten years, then joined the Camy watch company in Geneva.  During her time at Camy, she came into contact with Raymond Weil, with whom she eventually partnered to create the Raymond Weil brand in 1975.  While she was working with Raymond Weil, the company became the 5th leading Swiss watch exporter in 1989.  In 1995, she decided to sell her stake in the Raymond Weil brand and decided to partner with her son, Christian, the next year to create unique Bedat & Co. watches.  Christian also gained experience with Raymond Weil before leaving to create Bedat & Co Geneve.  Each Bedat & Co. watch is designed under the supervision of Christian.  The first two collections to launch from Bedat & Co. were No. 3 and No. 7.  Each of these was a huge global success. 


The Bedat & Co. Legacy


Each Bedat & Co. watch comes with its own unique features.  Currently, there are four primary lines that are offered – the No. 3, the No. 8, the No. 1, and the No. 7.  One interesting feature of the Bedat & Co. watches is that each model is assigned a number.  Co-founder Christian Bedat decided on this because of two primary factors that he wanted to incorporate into the line - differentiation and timelessness.  In addition, the goal of the numbers are to make the model names easy to understand in all languages and to provide a sleek, simple symbol for the company.  Another reason for the numbers is that the lack of an sequential order helps promote the concept of timelessness.  In this way, it is difficult to tell which watch is more recent than another, since the numbered brands are not released in order. 


The Bedat & Co. Watch Collection


There are four primary models in the Bedat & Co. Geneve watch collection.  The first is the No. 7, which was named based on the popularity and legend of the number seven.  The Bedat & Co. No. 7 watch serves as an indicator of elegance and sophistication.  All No. 7 models bare a rectangular face.  The No. 1 model is also a model of elegance and precision.  The face of all No. 1 Bedat & Co. watch models is square.  Bedat & Co. Geneve also makes a model known as the No. 8, which is also the brand’s logo.  Each part of a Bedat & Co. watch bears the number 8, which helps confirm that every part is of Swiss origin.  The figure eight is a symbol of perfection and infinity.  The final model that is part of the Bedat & Co. Geneve collection is the No. 3, which is known as the most sophisticated of Swiss watches. 



Bedat & Co. at Wingate’s


Wingate’s offers several models from Bedat & Co., including the No. 1, No. 7, and No. 3 designs.