Rolex Midsize Watches for Men and Women

Rolex originated in 1908 by Hans Wilsdorf. As a perfectionist, Wilsdorf was determined to perfect the science behind accuracy of movement inside small clock dials. This technology would make the wristwatch possible, retiring the bulky and outdated use of a pocket watch. Before long, the wristwatch became the standard way to tell time. More specifically, the Rolex wristwatch, known for its reliability and quality, changed the watch industry forever.

The Rolex Legacy


Wilsdorf proactively designed the wristwatch to resolve the common lifespan issue as a result of  dust and humidity. Overcoming this problem only led to more innovation; Wilsdorf took on the challenge of increasing accuracy and durability. In effect, the Rolex Oyster was the first ever waterproof watch. Over a century later, the Rolex has remained a trusted brand for its reliability, quality, and style. Symbolizing a high social and wealth status, people from all over the world regard the Rolex as a treasured commodity.



Rolex Midsize Watches at Wingate’s


At Wingate’s Quality Watches, we are proud to offer authentic used pre-owned midsize Rolexes. Every Rolex wristwatch is examined and must meet the highest quality standards. While we do have a collection of never worn Rolexes, we also carry a large selection of used pre-owned midsize Rolexes. Rolex watches are the epitome of luxury and style. You are sure to find what you are looking for at Wingate’s.