The history of Muhle Glashutte watches began in the German town of Glashutte, where many other fine watch brands also got their start.  The company was originally founded under the name Robert Muhle & Sohne in 1869.  In the first incarnation of the company, the company now known as Muhle Glashutte specialized in manufacturing mechanical tools and measuring instruments.  However, when the company was taken over in 1946 by Robert Muhle’s grandson, he decided to specialize in drive and braking mechanisms in addition to the previous instruments that were produced by Muhle Glashutte.  

The Muhle Glashutte Legacy

Over the course of the last century, Muhle Glashutte watches have become a symbol for innovation and style.  The precision and skill that is applied to every watch has helped Muhle Glashutte earn a reputation for being among the finest watchmakers in Germany.  The company is currently run by Hans-Jurgen Muhle, who took over the business in 1970.  After several co-owners came and went, in 1990 Hans-Jurgen Muhle became the sole owner of the business.  Currently, Muhle Glashutte watches are found primarily in Europe, though some limited editions have been released to the United States.  However, even the European Muhle Glashutte watches are somewhat scarce.  This is because the company only produces a limited number of timepieces each year.  Instead of focusing on quantity, Muhle Glashutte chooses to instead channel their efforts into creating the highest quality watches possible.  

The Muhle Glashutte Collections

There are currently six Muhle Glashutte watch lines, plus several special edition watches.  The first collection is Muhle Glashutte’s Business Line, which is a series of professional, elegant watches designed toward businessmen and businesswomen.  There are several models featured in the Business Line, including the Quadrant and the Mercurius, one of the staples of the Muhle Glashutte watch line.  There are also models in the Business Line aimed specifically for professional women, including the Business Lady and the Quadrant Lady.  The second of Muhle Glashutte’s watch collections is the Technical Line, which is the most innovate and technologically advanced of the collections.  All of the models in the Technical Line are precise and are ideal for measurement and various timing purposes.  Models in the Technical Line include the Metior, the Pilot 1, the Pilot 2, the Pilot 3, and the Pilot 4.  

The third line is the Classic Collection, which features a vintage look that is reminiscent of the original Muhle Glashutte faces.  The look of these particular models is sleek and elegant.  All models come in a stainless steel case with a leather strap (though consumers can choose the color and exact look).  For active consumers, Muhle Glashutte offers the Sport Line, a series of watches that is particularly resistant to normal wear and tear.  Models in the Sport Line include the Big Sports M12, which has the largest face, the Sports M12, which is slightly smaller, and the Lady Sports M12, which is the smallest of the three.  Muhle Glashutte also offers the City Line, which features a more contemporary design.  Models include the Cap Polonio, the City XIII, and the City 99.  The final collection is the Nautical Line, which is a tribute to the roots of the company.  Watch models in the Nautical Line include the S.A.R. Rescue Timer and the Rasmus.