Compared to many of the older powerhouses that are typical of the watchmaking industry, Martin Braun has been around for a relatively short time.  However, this hasn’t prevented Martin Braun watches from becoming some of the most sought after and luxurious on the market today.  The company can trace its roots back to 1964, when Martin Braun was born in Karlsruhe, Germany.  Karlsruhe is only 15 miles from Pforzheim, which is Germany’s watchmaking hub.  Braun’s father was also a watchmaker, which prompted Martin to attend the School of Watchmaking in Pforzheim.  He graduated in 1983 and continued to apprentice and learn about the inner workings of the industry.  Then, in 1991, Martin Braun received the title of master watchmaker.  Upon receiving this distinction, Martin and his father decided to go into business together.  They were very successful in Pforzheim, where they participated heavily in the mechanical construction of watches.  

The Martin Braun Legacy

It wasn’t until 2000 that Martin Braun decided to launch his own brand.  This decision was largely due to the completion of his EOS model, a watch that that Braun had been laboring over for 10 years.  The EOS model was able to show the times of sunrise and sunset.  After completing the EOS model, Braun decided that he would launch his own brand – one that would reflect his own designs.  Since that time, Martin Braun has consistently launched groundbreaking and luxurious watch models.  In 2002, the Boreas line was introduced and in 2003, Martin Braun unveiled the Korona Collection.  In the past several years, Martin Braun watches have received numerous honors and awards, including WatchTime magazine’s Watch of the Year (in 2003, for the Boreas model) and a nomination for the Technical Innovation Award (for the Koronamatik).  

The Martin Braun Collection

There are several high quality collections that are offered by Martin Braun.  The first is the Notos Collection, which is an astronomical complication that is derived from the EOS model.  The name of this particular Martin Braun watch is taken from Greek mythology.  The next collection offered by Martin Braun is the Grand Prix Chrono Collection, which is a limited edition that celebrates the sport of racing.  Martin Braun’s Classic Collection boasts hand-decorated, luxurious timepieces that are a throwback to the vintage times of watchmaking.  The Boreas Collection is one of the most heralded and recognized of the Martin Braun watch line.  Watches in the Boreas Collection display the times of sunrise and sunset.  The EOS Collection is the original creation of Martin Braun and remains one of the brand’s staples.  Martin Braun also offers the Astraios Collection and the Selene Collection.