Though the company was founded just a few years ago (in 2002), DeWitt watches have fast become a popular brand that is known for its style and luxury.  The modern watch company was founded by a French watchmaker, Jerome de Witt.  He set up his first base of operations in Vandouevres and has been creating quality timepieces since the company’s inception.  DeWitt watches are designed to specifically embody a spirit of freedom and innovation.  Jerome de Witt is a descendant of Napoleon I.  His grandfather, King Jerome of Westphalia, was also interested in watchmaking.  Another of his descendants, Caroline Murat, was known to have gathered a huge watch collection and was actually the first woman to sponsor the design of a wristwatch.  


The DeWitt Legacy


Even though DeWitt watches are relatively new to the market, that hasn’t stopped the company from making a significant impact on the world of luxury watchmaking.  By 2007, the company had already outgrown its headquarters in Vandouevers and opted to purchase a large complex near the airport in Geneva, Switzerland.  The new building is two stories and covers 1,500 square meters.  One of the many reasons for the rapid success of the DeWitt watch is the company’s dedication to innovation and artistry.  Instead of staying with traditional mechanical designs, DeWitt watches are designed to push the envelope.  This commitment to creating the most technically advanced watches has helped position DeWitt as a force on the global watch market.  The cutting edge technology used in the creation of DeWitt watches has been recognized throughout the industry.  In 2003, they presented the Pressy Grande Complication and then in 2005, the company introduced the Tourbillon Differentiel Academia.  This particular DeWitt watch model features the DW8002 manufactured movement, a patented DeWitt invention that allows a substantial amount of time (two-thirds) to be gained when the user winds the watch.  This unique technology allowed the Tourbillon Differentiel Academia to win first price for Innovation in the 2005 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.  Today, this unique and rare watch is released in editions of 25 pieces – making it a very exclusive timepiece.



The DeWitt Collection


There are four basic collections offered under the umbrella of DeWitt watches.  Each of these is considered to be the epitome of luxury and contemporary style.  The first collection, known as the Pieces Exceptionnelles collection, is made up of several unique pieces.  Included in this collection of watches is DeWitt’s Pressy Grande Complication, which was one of the first DeWitt watches to be created.  The Pieces Exceptionnelles collection also includes the La Dame de Pressy, the DeWitt Tourbillon Mysterieux Caviar, and the Tourbillon Mysterieux Haute Joaillerie.  Each of these DeWitt watches are not only expertly manufactured, they are also elegantly designed and often feature precious jewels.  There are two watch models in the DeWitt Alma Collection, which is a line designed specifically with women in mind.  Each timepiece boasts an oval face, though the rest of the watch differs slightly based on model.  There are eight models offered as part of the DeWitt watch company’s Academia Collection, which includes the Quantieme Perpetuel and the Double Fuseau.  Finally, there are two models in the DeWitt Iena series, including the Iena Chronograph and the Petite Seconde.