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Are Cartier watches water-resistant?

All Cartier timepieces are water-resistant by industry standards, but most are not intended for swimming. The Drive De Cartier WSNM0009 is water-resistant up to 3 bar (30 meters/100 feet). This is the least resistance to water that Cartier watches have. On the other hand, we have Cartier timepieces like the Santos 100 Carbon WSSA0006—that are water-resistant up to 10 bar (100 meters/300 feet). Before any contact with water, ensure your crown is pushed all the way in, and do not use the chronograph or crown under the water.

Can you buy Cartier online?

Cartier watches can be bought online from an independent and reliable watch dealer like Wingate's Quality Watches. Wingate's was founded in 1976, and we've sold countless luxurious timepieces such as Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Patek Philippe at budget-friendly prices. All of this is enhanced by our superb customer service.

How to pronounce Cartier?

Cartier is pronounced in English as “Kah-Tee-Ay”. To break it down further, it is Kah (as in a Car), Tee (as in Tea), and Ay (as in Hay).

On the other hand, follow the information below to pronounce Cartier in French Cartier is divided into two syllables in French. The “Car” and the “tier”. Pronounce the first syllable as “Kah” and pronounce the second syllable as “Tyeh”. So, it becomes Kah-TYEH—with the stress on the second syllable.

Tip: the “YEH” in “TYEH” is pronounced like hay.

Which Cartier watch is the most popular?

The Ballon Bleu De Cartier W6920046 and W69010Z4 (women) are the most popular Cartier watches. They both have the common Ballon Bleu features like a synthetic spinel cabochon, Roman numerals, blued-steel sword-shaped hands, sapphire crystal, and a steel bracelet. Other close contenders are the Cartier Santos and Cartier Tank Française.

Which is better, Cartier or Rolex?

Picking the best between a Cartier and a Rolex depends on your personal preference. So, we've compiled the information below for you to go through.

Cartier Watches

  • Cartier timepieces are cheaper overall than Rolex watches
  • Cartier watches are generally more dressy and they come in various case sizes
  • Cartier produces a lot of quartz watches (better accuracy than mechanical watches) as opposed to Rolex

Rolex Watches

  • Rolex has excellent resale value when compared to Cartier watches
  • Rolex has a large selection of timepieces for you to pick from
  • Rolex is acknowledged as the most popular luxury watch brand in the world
  • Rolex has a focus on using diamonds in many of their watches

Where is Cartier watch serial number?

There are two series of numbers on the caseback of the Cartier timepiece; the model number and the serial number. The serial number is the one that is made up of eight digits with letters also mixed in.

Why is my Breitling running slow / why is my Breitling running fast?

If your Breitling watch is mechanical and it is also brand new, it should operate within -4/+6 seconds per day. Still, if it's not brand new and started running slow, then the cause might be that the crown isn't manually wound. On the other hand, if your Breitling watch is running fast (about 20+ seconds per day), it might be due to the following:

  • The hairspring coils are magnetized and the coils are sticking together. This could also make the watch run slow or even stop.
  • There is a small jolt to the movement so, the coils are entangled.

Who sells Cartier watches?

Wingate's Quality Watches is a trustworthy and independent Cartier timepiece dealer. The company was established in 1976 and we've sold numerous other luxurious timepieces like the Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Bvlgari, Chanel, and Rolex.

Tip: only buy a Cartier timepiece from a dealer with a history of being trustworthy.

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